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About Skillsoft

Skillsoft’s is a provider of the learning platform – Percipio.  Percipio is designed to make learning easier, more accessible, and more effective with their host content across 29 Languages both in technology and softs skills. It provides content in 4 modes – Read, Watch, Listen and Practice. It also provides curated learning paths and tailored learning programs with AI-based personalization, and many more to help employees upskill. 

If I get the privilege to become a Product Manager with Skill Soft, here are a few of my recommendations.

1. Introduce an end-to-end Skill Management Platform


As per a survey done by PwC, 8-in-10 CEOs says that a lack of key in-demand skills is threatening their businesses’ growth prospects. 

A per the Shifting Skills Survey done by Gartner, over 7,000 employees were asked to self-assess their level of proficiency in in-demand skills. 70% said they haven’t mastered the skills they need for their jobs today. 80% said they lack both the skills they need both for their current role and their future career.

Hiring talent with a new skill-set for a project has always been challenging for managers. Upskilling and reskilling talents with the organization is always beneficial and cost-effective. But it has to be done through a very systematic approach. 

Organizations across the globe are adopting the 70-20-10 learning model  (70% on-the-job, 20% mentoring and 10% Self Learning). It is considered to be of greatest value by maximizing the effectiveness of their learning, and development programs through other activities and inputs. 


Therefore, there is a need for a Skill Management platform that can be utilized to Assess and Identify the Skill Gap of the individuals, develop their skills, validate using tasks and assignments and finally get them ready to be deployed on Job. The platform will provide analytics of the progress of the Skill development to the individual as well as the managers to make smart decisions. 

The platform should have the capability to integrate with any existing Talent Management or Performance Appraisal System and help the managers to track the upskilling of the talents and take quick decision to deploy a talent.


It will help organizations create a skill profile of each talent and add a score to the skill profile, This will help managers empowering their team members to build in-demand skills faster. They can monitor the upskilling process and leverage the analytics to get insights to take appropriate measures. The skill data can be used to allocate to the right job based on business priorities.

2) Partner with a Skill Assessment platform provider with some industry benchmarking

In order to introduce the skill management platform, it is recommended that Skillsoft have a partnership with a renowned provider for Skill Assessment e.g. Pluralsight Skill IQ

3) Add the element of gamification in the upskilling process and provide ranking among the peers.

Gamification helps to make learning engaging by adding an element of fun thereby helping in higher retention. Gamification helps to boost the motivation level of the learners to become active participants in the learning process. Research says that 62% of employee get motivated to learn if leaderboards were involved and they had the opportunity to compete with other colleagues. It works as an incentive for those who want to be competitive with respect to their peers.

4) Extend the Skillsoft Platform to the High School Graduate to build their Employability Skill 

Research says that the current academic curriculum structure does not make the high school graduate employable as per the market demand. The student should get the benefit of Skill Development Platform to identify the industry requirement and help them develop the hard skills and soft skills that would provide them with a  competitive edge in any job market. Skill soft should extensively target this segment and create a standard with the corporate world for Employability Skill Development.