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I’m Narauttam

Project & Product Manager, Digital Marketer

What I Do


Project Management

Help projects to adhere to timeline and budget, risk management and resouce planning

Customer Insighting

Market Research, Qualitative and Quanititative Analysis, Build User Persona


Product Strategy

Business Model, Value Proposition Design, Product Roadmap

Data Analytics

Data Modelling and Insights, BI Dashboards, Google Analytics

Product Marketing

Marketing Channels and Positioning, Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation

SEO Strategy

Keyword Research, Content Idea,  Content Strategy

About Me

I help businesses to develop product and GTM strategies and also helps projects to increase their gross margin using project management skills I have over 17.5 years of experience in managing IT products and services. I have demonstrated product management skills through value proposition design, GTM strategy and data driven decision for product strategy.

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